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Fine terry lined Turkish towels


“Pestemal” (pronounced as peshtemal) towels have been an integral part of the Turkish culture as much as Turkish coffee or Turkish Delight.  For centuries, these flat-weave, lightweight towels have been the most essential accessory of the legendary Turkish Bath ("hammam") experience, which would compare to modern day steam baths or spas.

Only within the last decade, their use began to expand beyond the Turkish Bath environment.  While they are still being woven by hand in the same tiny villages in Turkey with the same techniques on old-fashioned looms, their revised patterns and stylish color combinations elevated them to become the ultimate fashion statement around some of the most famous beaches of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Their generous size, soft texture and simplistic, elegant design allow them to be used in many different ways.  In addition to being a lightweight towel, they can be used as a shawl, a throw, a blanket, a sarong, or even a table linen.

Now you can also make this historic piece become a part of your everyday life for effortless, carefree style.  Atolya offers a wide range of these products so that you can find the one that fits your needs.


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